Land Use and Zoning

Every property in the Village has a zoning classification, outlined in the Zoning Bylaw as shown on the Zoning Map.

In addition, every property has a future land use designation, outlined in the Official Community Plan (OCP). This establishes the long-term vision for the property.

Permitted land uses / zoning

The zoning classification determines what can be done on a property. It describes land uses that are allowed and the regulations that apply to those uses.

All development is subject to both the general regulations in the Zoning Bylaw and those applicable to the property’s zone.

Download the Zoning Map PDF or use the button below for an interactive map

Village zones

Adjacent are a list of zones in the Village of Lytton.

The primary purpose of the R1 (Low Density Residential) zoning designation is to provide for single-detached homes.

List of Village zones

Understanding zoning bylaw setbacks

Buildings and structures are subject to the setback requirements described in the zone that applies to the lot.

Note that the spatial separation requirements of the Building Code may be greater than the minimum setbacks to property lines described in the Zoning Bylaw.

The construction type and number of openings will ultimately determine the setback distance to neighbouring lots.

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