The Village of Lytton’s unique characteristics make it a wonderful place for innovation leading to new business opportunities. There is excellent infrastructure in place to ensure a solid investment for current and new business owners, families and residents, and real estate is some of the most affordable in the province.We welcome new business ventures and would love to help you in bringing business and growth to our small town.

Community Profile

Lytton’s proximity to large city centres, combined with rural community lifestyle and a variety of recreational opportunities make it accessible to many types of people. Affordable real estate and a desirable town layout appeal to all who choose Lytton as their home. Only 3 hours from Vancouver, 2 hours from Kamloops and 3 hours from Williams Lake, Lytton’s location is perfect for those wanting access to all the city amenities, but who prefer to live in a more peaceful, personable and charming small-town setting.The lifestyle in Lytton attracts a broad range of personalities and aspirations from seniors to young families, transient summer workers, small-scale farmers, artists, outdoor enthusiasts and railway buffs.

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The total population of the Village of Lytton according to Statistics Canada’s Census in 2016 was 249, and with the surrounding Lytton First Nations, the local area population consensus is a little over 2,000 people.

Retirees are drawn to Lytton for its affordability, community feeling, and warm, arid climate.  Lytton’s downtown infrastructure is amenable to retired individuals because services such as the local pharmacy, medical clinic, grocery store and places to eat are all located within easy walking distances.

The climate in Lytton is hot, dry and arid which eases symptoms for those suffering from arthritis, asthma and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Typically winters have relatively little snow and mild temperatures. Summers are pleasant with temperatures often in the high 30’s C (90’s F).

In the summer, residents and visitors often participate in world-class fishing and white-water rafting opportunities. Other outdoor pursuits include dirt-biking, jetboating, mountain biking, white-water kayaking, hiking, backpacking, geocaching, wildlife viewing, snowshoeing and hunting.

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