At their Council meeting on November 22, 2023, Council adopted a public notice bylaw, which allows for alternative means of publishing a notice, including the Village’s website and e-newsletter.

What does this mean?

The update to Lytton’s public notice bylaw means that the municipality can publish notices through the Village’s website and e-newsletter. This doesn’t mean tha the Village will never use the Lillooet Bridge River News for advertising or notices; it is just no longer required.


The Community Charter specifies that local governments need to provide public notice for things like public hearings, temporary use permits, tax sales, and some bylaws.

Since the Community Charter was amended in 2022, local governments can now specify alternatives to traditional print newspaper advertising for publishing a notice

The Village of Lytton has always placed public notices in the Bridge River  Lillooet News; however, this is costly and doesn’t necessarily reach Lytton residents.

Public notice locations

Find Village of Lytton public notices in these locations: