Village of Lytton Update – March 24, 2022

Archaeology consulting firm

Council has approved a contract to the professional archaeology consulting firm A.E.W. for archaeological and heritage monitoring during the debris removal and remediation in the Village. A.E.W was formed in 2017 by Nlaka’pamux Nation Tribal Council member communities.

The Village of Lytton Wildfire Debris Removal Program commenced in early March 2022. As the Village was partially built on an ancient archaeological site and burial ground, these areas are protected under the British Columbia Heritage Conservation Act.

The Village of Lytton is committed to preserving the Nlaka’pamux heritage and reducing impacts during the debris removal and remediation work through diligent heritage monitoring and following the guidelines developed by the Kumsheen Heritage Management Committee.

If approved, the contract with A.E.W. will allow for full-time heritage monitoring for up to six months while debris removal and remediation activities take place across the entire Village, including uninsured and underinsured properties. Funds for the contract come from the $6.26 million grant recently announced from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

Economic Development Officer

The Village has received a $50,000 from Northern Development Initiative Trust (NDIT) to support the hiring of an Economic Development Officer, augmenting funding received from their 2021 program and Regional Development funds to create a full economic development program moving forward.

Donation Policy

Council approved a policy for receiving donations, cash, in-kind and physical assets. Official receipts for income tax purposes will be issued by the Village of Lytton to the donor. Official tax receipts for Gift-in-Kind donations where the donation provides a clear benefit to the Village of Lytton and the value of the gift can be reasonably determined.

Offers of donations of $10,000 or more in value will be detailed in a Closed Report to Council to ensure that the potential benefits and consequences of accepting the gift are fully considered. For these larger donations, donors will be requested to disclose if the donor is currently or has recently been involved in a planning approval or procurement process with the Village.

Red Cross Case Managers

The Red Cross case managers will be in Lytton from 10 am to 4 pm from March 21-25 to provide personalized supports that help Lytton residents in your recovery.

Case managers will also be in Ashcroft, Kamloops, Westwold, West Kelowna and Vernon. See the website for dates and locations:

Right of entry

As debris removal continues, property owners without insurance or who do not have sufficient insurance are reminded to complete a Right of Entry Permit to provide the Village and contractors permission to enter and coordinate clean-up of their property.  Work continues south of 1st Avenue.

Lytton 2022 Budget

A Public Consultation Meeting on the 2022 Budget is being held on March 31, 2022, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. via Zoom for the public to provide input.

For more information

Contact or 778-254-5004 if you have any additional questions or concerns. The Village of Lytton staff’s contact information is listed on the website at

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