Village of Lytton statement on two notices of claim

July 7, 2023

The Village of Lytton is providing clarification on two Notices of Civil Claim:

Village of Lytton Notice of Civil Claim 

The Village of Lytton filed a Notice of Civil Claim on June 23, 2023, naming the Municipal Insurance Association of British Columbia (MIABC), the insurance company for the Village.  

The Village of Lytton is filing this notice of claim to preserve our right to sue in case MIABC does not cover the Village for all the losses sustained due to the June 30, 2021, Lytton Creek Fire, which are covered under our insurance policy. 

Like the MIABC’s recent Notice of Civil Claim (which named CN Rail, CP Rail, and Transport Canada) the Village of Lytton has no current intention to pursue this lawsuit and has not served MIABC at this time. 

MIABC is aware and supportive of the Village filing this Notice of Civil Claim. 

Lytton First Nation Notice of Civil Claim 

The Village of Lytton is aware that Lytton First Nation has filed a Notice of Claim, naming the Village of Lytton as a defendant, among others. 

Lytton First Nation is protecting their members’ rights to recover losses sustained during the fire. 

The Village has not been served, and no claim has been received by the Village, at this time.