Along with stories of loss in Lytton, there have also been stories of kindness and generosity. 

This week, Mayor Denise O’Connor presented local handyman Pierre Quevillon with a toolkit provided by Milwaukee Tool.

Pierre is known for being an active member of the community, helping many residents with renovations and maintenance. He is currently restoring the fire-damaged home of a Lytton First Nation councillor.When Recovery Manager Mike Blaschuk learned that Pierre had lost all his tools, his truck, his home and his dogs in the 2021 wildfire, he and Pierre contacted Milwaukee Tool. The tool company, in turn, sent a set of new tools to the Village for Pierre. 

We hope this helps with your valuable work for the community, Pierre, and are thankful for Milwaukee Tool’s generosity.

Pierre Quevillon and Mayor Denise O'Connor outside of Parish Hall Lytton
Pierre Quevillon with Mayor Denise O'Connor and new Milwaukee tools