Rebuilding Lytton electrical system

January 23, 2023

Planned Power Outage

BC Hydro planned outage
Sunday, February 5
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Work to rebuild Lytton’s electrical system is nearing completion, including the installation of transformers and streetlights. BC Hydro expects all the work to be complete by the end of January 2023, including energizing the system, barring any unforeseen challenges.

Request a Connection

Once this work is complete, customers can begin the process to reconnect by hiring a certified contractor and seeking appropriate approvals from the Village of Lytton and Technical Safety BC. Customers can request a connection from BC Hydro via our website at Electrical service connections ( or by calling 1-877-520-1355.

Planned power outage

BC Hydro requires a planned outage that will affect all customers in the Village of Lytton and surroundings areas to put the system into regular operating mode. This planned outage will tentatively take place on Sunday, February 5 for approximately 5 hours, and we will notify all customers that have up-to-date contact information in our system directly.

After the overhead lines are rebuilt, electrical safety clearances and limits of approach will have to be observed to ensure safe working conditions during future building construction. Further information is available on our website at