The Village has just created a Fire Resilient Community Fact Sheet based on recommendations to Council in September. The fact sheet includes practical guidelines for landscaping and building to make Lytton more fire-resilient.

Download the fact sheet or pick up a copy at the Village Office or Parish Hall.


At the September 13 Council meeting, staff presented a report with five recommendations on how to rebuild Lytton in a more fire-resilient manner.

These recommendations followed Council’s decision (in July) to not proceed with Building Amendment Bylaw, No. 730.

The recommendations included bringing forward the following for Council’s consideration:

  • a landscape and building guide that will help homeowners to understand options and opportunities for making their properties less likely to be impacted by wildland-urban interface fires
  • a draft bylaw that regulates landscape material and landscape management to prevent hazardous conditions related to wildfire spread
  • draft amendments to the Official Community Plan Bylaw that recognize the risk of wildland-urban interface fires as a key factor in shaping the future development of Lytton
  • draft zoning bylaw amendments that consider setback and building sizes for accessory buildings to reduce the risk of such buildings exacerbating a wildland interface fire

Additionally, the report recommended that the Village:
engage with and encourage the Province of BC to consider wildfire resilience in future versions of the BC Building Code or other regulatory mechanisms coupled with incentives for property owners to build and renovate for resiliency.

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