I would like to acknowledge all of the Lytton community members who gathered for the citizens’ rally on Wednesday. The rally was attended by approximately 125 people, as well as regional and national media. The organizers of this rally event need to be commended, as they not only created the media event they envisioned, but also brought community members together to visit with each other and share a meal.

This was not a Village of Lytton organized protest; however, Council shares many of the frustrations and concerns of residents who have been waiting for over two years to rebuild their homes and businesses. We are listening and are continuing to advocate for Lytton.

As I have stated in community meetings and media interviews, the Village understands the importance and need for archeological assessments, as well as consideration of the heritage and respectful management of artifacts and ancestral remains of the Nlakaʼpamux People.

I have also shared my dismay at the lack of clarity about the archeological assessment process.

Council and staff had been told that the location and nature of archeological findings in the Village were confidential. It was surprising to learn that information had been provided to the media earlier this week confirming that approximately 7,000 stone artifacts, a spear-point dating 7,500 years, and ancestral remains in four known burial locations had been found in the Village. This is the kind of information that we have been requesting on behalf of the community and were told it would not be shared.

The Village of Lytton’s Council and staff are committed to keep working with our partners to finalize archeological work, support residents to apply for and receive building permits, and plan for municipal infrastructure rebuilding. Lytton’s community and services are not just missed by current and displaced Village residents, but also by residents of the First Nations communities and other rural properties surrounding Lytton. We are working towards our shared future.