Join the Local Health Planning Table for Lytton

April 4, 2022

Thank you for your interest. At this time, the allocation of 3 community patient voices representatives have been filled. They will be Marie Heaster, Denise O’Connor and Byron Spinks.

Your Voice Matters

Join the Local Health Planning Table for Lytton

As part of the community restructuring, it is imperative to rebuild the local health care system. As part of this work, the community of Lytton is looking for members of the public who want their voices heard at the planning table.

Rebuilding must hold the authentic vision and experience of local community members. Rebuilding must come from within to help guide the work of what comes next.  If you are someone who has had experience in Lytton’s healthcare system, would you be willing to volunteer and provide perspective on the design, planning, delivery and performance of how health care can best be delivered to the citizens of Lytton and surrounding areas?

Decisions on how to rebuild the local healthcare system must have citizen input, preferably from a lens of experience that holds the lens of how to position care to best serve the patient and the community.

Patient Voice Role Description

Patient Voices are members of the public with experience in the healthcare system (either as patients or caregivers) who volunteer with healthcare partner organizations to represent the views of patients, caregivers, their families and the general public. The role is intended to provide an important patient perspective on the design, planning, delivery and performance of health services.

Participants do not bring a particular agenda or set of solutions but rather bring an experiential perspective of how decisions made can impact how patients experience and access care to help ensure decisions support the principles of patient-centred care. This can be a difficult role to navigate for persons who have lived through a difficult situation, are passionate about a particular issue or who have worked within or adjacent to the healthcare system. Some opportunities include a mutual evaluation process to ensure the experience will be healthy and positive for the patient and that the patient is able to participate in a collaborative manner.

Patient Voices are invited to contribute in the following ways:

  • Contribute constructively, offering ideas and opinions which might reflect the voice of patients, caregivers and families
  • Provide a consistent commitment to the committee, making an effort to attend as many meetings as they are able
  • Participate in activities or events to engage with members of the community as part of the committee

If you are interested in being involved, please reach out to Chris Dreyer at