Inaugural address – Mayor Denise O’Connor

November 2, 2022

Good evening,

To begin I would like to say that I am excited to be here, on the unceded territory of the Nkla’pamux people, in the Village of Lytton, for this historic occasion, the first in-person meeting since the event that changed our lives. How wonderful it is it see so many people here tonight, including those who travelled in from out of town.

We have so many people to thank.  We had record turnout of voters on election day, and I want to say thank you for your overwhelming vote of confidence.  

I have spoken to many people over the past number of weeks, and I believe tonight reflects a sense of hope, and a sense of a positive future for so many Lyttonites.

Whether you voted for us or not, I need you to know that the five of us here will represent every member of the Village of Lytton. We will do the best we can to move this community forward.  We recognize that the next four years will not be easy and that there are immense challenges ahead. We know we have a lot to learn and understand, but we also recognize and are committed working tirelessly on your behalf.  Everyone looks forward to the day that the first building, whether a home or a business, is rebuilt!!

Since election day, I have heard from Minister Farnworth, Minister Cullen, Parliamentary Secretary Roly Russel, our MLA Jackie Tegart, and our MP Brad Vis, all saying they are committed to working with us. We know that moving forward we will need the support of governments, but we will also need to work together with our neighboring communities here in Lytton, particularly the First Nations and the Regional District.

To the residents and businesses that are still displaced, we will do whatever is in our power to expedite your return.  To the people who are still living here in the Village, I can assure you that we will see that your roads are plowed this winter and that there is a number you can call in an emergency.

Thank you to the community for putting your trust our new council.  Starting tomorrow, the five of us will be spending two full days of orientation and training as a start to learning our role and how the business of Village Council is conducted.  In other words, we are hitting the ground learning.

Before we move on to our first of many council meetings, I want to tell people, that in the near future, it is our goal to have face to face meetings, along with zoom, here in Lytton as soon as we can, but first will need to secure the location and the technology!

Again, we are so thankful to be right here tonight, in Lytton!

Last weekend, I received a phone call from mayor-elect Bloomfield from the City of Penticton offering support for tonight’s event.  I want to thank him and the group of people he came with, for helping to set up the gym and for loaning the flowers and flags we see here tonight.  Thank you.

If I tried to thank everyone, we would be here all night, but I do want to acknowledge Kevin, for opening this evening with your blessing … and of course thank you to Judge Raymond Phillips for officiating the swearing in tonight.  ququeschamwuh Raymond and Kevin!

Once again, thank you all for coming out tonight.  Enough of me talking, now it’s time to get on with the meeting!

Mayor Denise O’Connor