Sponsored by the TLKemchEEn FireSmart Committee

The TLKemchEEn FireSmart Committee is offering a free FireSmart Home Ignition Zone (HIZ) Assessment to interested homeowners in the Ponderosa Heights, Loring Way and Kent Road area between May 25 and June 8. These assessments help homeowners to identify ways that residents can reduce the risk of wildfire to their homes and property.


What happens during a FireSmart Home Assessment? 
A qualified Local FireSmart Representative will come to your home and look at the exterior of your home, your deck, yard and surrounding forest. They will create a list of recommendations on how to reduce the wildfire risk of your home.  Example recommendations could include weedwacking, removal of flammable plants, and cleaning the gutters. 

Who will come to my house to do the FireSmart home assessment?   
The Home Ignition Zone assessments will be completed by TLKemchEEn Local FireSmart Representatives Kathy Hibberson and Tricia Thorpe.  If you need to schedule a specific time to complete the Home Ignition Zone assessment, please email communication@lytton.ca

Who will receive a FireSmart Home Ignition Zone Assessment? 
We hope to assess all the homes in these areas.

Does the FireSmart representative come into my house during the home assessment? 
No – everything is done outside. They will look at the exterior of your home, decks, yard and surrounding area. 

Do I have to be home for the assessment? 
No, but it is preferable for you to be there. It’s a great learning experience for the resident.

When will the FireSmart HIZ assessments happen? 
The home assessments will be taking place between May 25 and June 8, 2023. 

Who will the FireSmart home assessment be shared with? 
A copy of the FireSmart HIZ assessments will be given to the homeowner or tenant, and a copy will be kept with the TLKemchEEn FireSmart Coordinator. A sample completed home assessment (no personal identification included) may be required to be shared with our project funder (Union of BC Municipalities – Community Resilience Initiative) for the purpose of substantiating the program expenditures.

If you would like further information about the Home Ignition Zone assessments, visit FireSmart Begins at Home Assessment | FireSmart BC or email Tawnya Collins, TLKemchEEn FireSmart Coordinator at tawnya.collins@lfn.band