UPDATE: June 15, 2023

The evacuation order has ended for The Village of Lytton. The State of Local Emergency has been cancelled as of June 14.

As the remediation, backfilling and archaeological work continues in specific areas, additional measures may be required to periodically restrict access to certain locations in the Village. Recovery staff will work with property owners to coordinate these activities on a site-by-site basis.


Following the devastating wildfire that swept through the Village of Lytton on June 30, 2021, Council enacted a State of Local Emergency (SOLE). The SOLE has been renewed weekly since that time, the most recent SOLE set to expire on June 19, 2023.

Council considered lifting the state of emergency at their June 14, meeting: See the report

A meeting was held with colleagues from Emergency Management and Climate Readiness to discuss the relevant considerations for the VOL in removing the declaration of the SOLE. Subject experts were available to answer questions relating to the pros and cons of keeping the SOLE in place.

In the days following the fire, the SOLE was required for safety, protection of property and to allow remediation works to be undertaken. A key consideration in keeping the SOLE in place was for the VOL to have continued access to privately owned properties to expedite the works to be completed. With the remaining works to be completed alternative tools, such as a bylaw, an area-specific SOLE or a cooperative arrangement, could be used to access property required to complete the procedures.

By removing the SOLE declaration, property owners will no longer be restricted, in this manner, from accessing their property. This opens up access for property owners to make plans to attend to their property, where feasible, and begin to plan their rebuild.

For more resources on rebuilding, see lytton.ca/recovery/rebuilding