The Village of Lytton’s Council will not be proceeding at this time with considering adoption of Building Amendment Bylaw No. 730, 2023. The draft bylaw received first and second readings on April 12, 2023, and third reading on June 28, 2023.  
After receiving new information and advice, Council is reconsidering its direction. 


Draft Building Amendment Bylaw No. 730 was proposed to replace Building Amendment Bylaw No. 711, which was adopted in 2022. Both of these amendment bylaws were introduced with the intention of providing enhancements to the Village’s main Building Regulation Bylaw 710, 2022 to increase the Village’s fire resilience. Bylaw No. 730 addressed some gaps in Bylaw No. 711. 

Change of direction  

Council has received feedback that adhering to Building Amendment Bylaw No. 730 may be challenging for some property owners, who wish to rebuild or construct new properties in Lytton.  

Additionally, Council has learned that the amendment includes some requirements not typically found in a building bylaw.  

Rather than imposing these requirements through a bylaw, Council is currently exploring other opportunities to encourage everyone in Lytton to rebuild to the highest fire-resilient and energy-efficient standards. 

What this means 

Building Regulation Bylaw 710, 2022 and Building Amendment Bylaw No. 711, 2022 remain in effect and community members can continue to come forward with building permit applications. 

Staff have been directed to develop and bring forward new recommendations for fire-resilient construction for Council’s consideration. 

We will keep the community updated on this process.