Meet in person on December 11 at 2 p.m. to learn about new Co-operators Financing Program for resilient rebuilds

December 8, 2023

At the Village of Lytton Community Meeting on December 7, 2023, the Co-operators announced the launch of a new financing program.

For more information, refer to the meeting recording or, if you’re planning to be in Lytton on Monday, December 11, join representatives from the Co-operators and PacifiCan for an in-person meeting at Parish Hall starting at 2 p.m.

The Co-operators has shared the following information:


Co-operators Financing Program

Working in partnership with PacifiCan, Interior Savings Credit Union, and the Village of Lytton, Co-operators is establishing the Co-operators Financing Program (CFP) to provide residents of Lytton who choose to rebuild their homes with bridge financing that will allow them to take advantage of PacifiCan’s Lytton Homeowner Resilient Rebuild (LHRR) Program.

The CFP is a financing mechanism that will allow residents who have qualified for the PacifiCan LHRR Grant to rebuild their homes to fire-resilient and Net Zero standards. Through the CFP, Co-operators will advance the funds necessary to pay for the fire-resilient and Net Zero features so that residents do not have to wait for the PacifiCan grant to build back fire-resilient and Net Zero.

As a Canadian financial services co-operative, Co-operators believes in the value that increased climate resilience brings to our communities. Helping Lytton residents to re-build homes that are resilient and Net Zero optimized is one way we can bring our financial resources to the table, to help support increased adaptation to climate change. Our hope is that through this program, Lytton homes will be better protected against future extreme weather events.

How to apply

How it works - Co-operators Financing Program

Get started

Email PacifiCan at to get started with an application to the Lytton Homeowner Resilient Rebuild Program.