CN remains committed to running its railway safely and efficiently and building a level of trust and collaboration with the communities where they do business. To that end, CN is planning vegetation control activities in the Lytton area on May 30 and May 31.

If not managed properly, trees, brush or other vegetation can severely compromise rail and public safety. Vegetation can impede the view motorists have of oncoming trains and increase the risk of crossing accidents. Moreover, unwanted vegetation can damage the integrity of the railbed, interfere with signals and switches, contribute to track side fires, compromise employee and citizens safety, reduce visibility for train crews at road crossings/train control signals and track side warning devices, to name a few of the potential risks. 

The most critical area near the tracks is removed of vegetation through chemical application. See for full details on the program.

The CN vegetation control program is designed to mitigate these risks by managing brush, weeds and other undesirable vegetation. CN’s vegetation control program is critical to ensure safe operations and contributes to the overall safety of the communities in which they operate.

For any questions or more information, please contact the CN Public Inquiry Line by telephone at 1888-888-5909, or by email at