Wildfire Debris Removal Program

Debris removal is underway.

Insurance contractors are asked to contact the Village of Lytton to advise of their name, contact information (phone or email), and address of the property where debris will be removed.

Property owners without insurance or who do not have sufficient insurance impacted from the 2021 wildfires needing assistance with debris removal need to sign and return the Right of Entry Permit (see below).

  • To expedite debris removal across the Village, the Village contractor can provide services to insured property owners.
    • Email building@lytton.ca detailing the coverage amount your insurance policy provides for debris removal; or
    • Complete the Right of Entry Permit and submit a copy of insurance coverage in effect at time of wildfire: Homeowner’s Policy, Personal Property Policy, and or Automobile Policy.

NOTE: Individual landowners (or their delegates) can be added to the Village’s Heritage Permit in advance of land-altering activities to avoid delays or stoppage of work. These delays can occur if protected archaeological or materials are discovered during non-permitted work.

Debris removal:

  • The Province is working with insurance providers, non-government organizations and the Village of Lytton to co-ordinate the community cleanup and debris removal. See the news release from March 7: Province adds supports for Lytton’s recovery
  • For residents with adequate property insurance, debris removal costs are funded by their insurance company, which will hire a contractor to provide the services.
  • For those without insurance or who do not have sufficient insurance, debris removal will be managed by Lytton’s contractor to support this effort in a consistent manner.
  • An engineered work plan will be developed for the entire town to support this debris removal and remediation work.
  • Debris includes ash, soot, metals, bricks, concrete, wood and other building materials. The wildfire damage also destroyed many structural foundations. Removing the foundations will require digging several feet deep to remove the damaged foundation.
  • The testing of ash samples have determined the presence of asbestos, requiring precautions to ensure safety during cleanup, transportation and disposal.
  • The Province is also working with the Nlaka’pamux Nation Tribal Council on the plan for debris removal, while respecting the important heritage values in the area.
  • This clearing of municipal sites is expected to take as long as two months, while timeframes for individual properties will vary depending on insurance and the complexity of remaining debris on site.

Archeological work:

UPDATE: The archaeological request form can now be accessed from the Heritage Permit page.

  • Lytton was built on land with significant cultural significance. The Village of Lytton is located within the Nlaka’pamux Territory, which includes eight Indigenous communities.
  • The Province’s Archaeology Branch has worked with the Village of Lytton and the Kumsheen Heritage Committee to streamline progress with Heritage Conservation Act requirements.
  • The Archaeology Branch has issued a Heritage Permit under the Heritage Conservation Act to inspect, investigate or collect materials from archaeological sites.
  • Due to the volume of properties requiring permits, the Archaeology Branch is using an umbrella permit approach for the area rather than permits for each property.
  • An umbrella permit would allow all 222 properties in Lytton to begin demolition and reconstruction work concurrently.
  • Previously, property owners were facing a cost of approximately $10,000 for an individual archeological permit under the Heritage Conservation Act.
  • In the event an artifact or item of cultural significance is found, excavation work must cease and additional permitting would be required through the Archaeology Branch.


  • Site remediation for the Village of Lytton will be the last step in this phase of the recovery and rebuilding work.
  • Soil remediation will remove any contaminants from the ground and restore the landscape into a safe site for the the village and residents to rebuild on.
  • Remediation work is complex and while some areas could be complete in months, others could take significantly longer.


When debris is being removed the person working on the site will have to provide a site safety plan and comply with requirements of various regulators, some but not all of whom, are listed below. The landowners will be responsible to determine what is required by those regulations.


  • Ministry of Environment
  • Archaeological Branch
  • Work Safe BC

How to apply for the Wildfire Debris Removal Program:


Properties that lost homes or substantial outbuildings will be required to sign a Right of Entry waiver providing the Village of Lytton and contractors permission to enter and coordinate clean-up of their property. This form will be provided at the link below or at the Resiliency Centre.

Download the Right of Entry Permit Package


Recovery Team Representatives will be at the Resiliency Centre and other locations throughout the region to receive and help people fill out the forms. Dates and Times will be published when locations are determined.

If you have problems dropping off or obtaining the form or questions please contact Village recovery at:

  • Phone: 778-254-2486 (please leave contact information in voicemail message)
  • Email: building@lytton.ca