Building wildfire resilient homes in Lytton

Lytton’s proposed building bylaw will improve the community’s resistance to inevitable future wildfires. Lytton will be the first community in Canada to adopt the 2021 National Guide for Wildland-Urban Interface Fires for wildfire protection construction best  practices.



Building Bylaw

Hear the discussion at the May 11 Council Meeting on the proposed Building Bylaw

BYLAW – Building Amendment Bylaw No. 711, 2022
FEEDBACK – Bylaw 711 Community Feedback Summary

Wildfire protection measures in the proposed building bylaw can be completed as quickly as current building practices. Compared with Lytton’s pre-fire constructions that burned down in 2021, the proposed building bylaw will add an average of $5,000 in construction cost, with benefits10-20 times greater than the initial cost.

Landscaping for wildfire resident homes

The proposed bylaw calls for every new building permit application to include vegetation management plan and reduction of combustible materials in the zone closest to the home.

For example, within a zone of not more than 1.5 metres extending outward in all directions from the building, the following measures are proposed:

  • Vegetation and combustible material, including woody shrubs, trees and tree branches, shall be completely removed down to mineral soil, and
  • Non-combustible materials, such as gravel, brick, and concrete, shall be used for landscaping features

The FireSmart website allows homeowners to pick plant species that are considered low risk for communities located in the wildland urban interface. To access the full list of species that can be planted in Lytton:

  1. Visit
  2. Select « Zone 7» for Lytton and the full list of possible trees, shrubs, vines, grasses, perennials, annuals and bulbs will be presented. All plants categorized as «Zone 7» and below are acceptable for Lytton.

Free landscaping guides can be ordered on the FireSmart website.

Lytton Post-Fire Examination Report

Link through to the video presentation of the Lytton Post-Fire Examination Report: BC FireSmart.






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