Heritage Permit

Recovery | Kumcheen Fire Recovery Heritage Plan

The province has taken the steps to support community-wide recovery in Lytton while protecting sensitive archaeological resources and promoting compliance with the Heritage Conservation Act. The Archaeology Branch of the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development has issued a Heritage Investigation Permit. The permit is intended to support all types of archaeological assessments that may be required for demolition or reconstruction within the Village.

If you have any questions, please email LyttonHCA@gov.bc.ca.

Receive recommendations from the Archaeology Branch

The Archaeology Branch will review provincial records and may receive recommendations from the Kumsheen Heritage Committee, which includes representatives from Indigenous and municipal governments and other provincial agencies. Based on the results of the Branch’s review of the Information request, one of three possible responses will result:

  1. Low risk to impact archaeological sites. Proceed with caution. If archaeological material is encountered during development, stop all activities immediately and contact the Archaeology Branch for direction at 250-953-3334.
  2. High risk to impact archaeological sites. It is recommended that an eligible archaeologist is retained to monitor ground alterations or conduct assessments under the Heritage Investigation Permit 2022-0064. This permit can assist to minimize project delay, should protected archaeological sites be identified.
  3. Recorded sites are present on the property. Development cannot occur without additional HCA authorisations. Further assessment may be required.
    • Eligible archaeologists can conduct assessments under the 2022-0064 Heritage Investigation Permit, to support authorizations under a S12.4 alteration permit
    • As of April 1st, 2022, the province will be developing a S12.4 alteration permit application. If issued, the S12.4 permit could authorize impacts to protected sites.
    • The Archaeology Branch will be providing property-specific advice, but property owners will be encouraged to retain an eligible archaeologist to support next steps.

An eligible archaeologist is one who can hold a Provincial HCA permit to conduct archaeological studies. To verify an archaeologist’s eligibility, ask an archaeologist if he or she can hold a permit in your area, or contact the Archaeology Branch (250-953-3334) to verify an archaeologist’s eligibility. Consulting archaeologists are listed on the BC Association of Professional Archaeologists website (www.bcapa.ca) and in local directories. Please note that not all consulting archeologists listed on www.bcapa.ca are eligible to hold a permit in this area.

Background – Heritage Conservation Act

The Heritage Conservation Act protects the historical, cultural, scientific, spiritual, and educational value of archaeological sites to First Nations, local communities,and the public.

As private or commercial property owners and developers, it is important to gather information and incorporate archaeological considerations into your planning processes since damaging an archaeological site without a permit is unlawful.

The province has taken the following steps to support community wide recovery in Lytton, while protecting sensitive archaeological resources and promoting compliance with the Heritage Conservation Act (HCA):

  • The Archaeology Branch has issued a S12.2 HCA Heritage Investigation Permit (2022-0064) to a representative within Emergency Management BC (EMBC)
  • Anyone with a project within the municipal boundary may be added to the permit. The permit is intended to support all types of archaeological assessment that may be required for reconstruction It is recommended that individual landowners (or their delegates) are added to the permit in advance of land-altering activities to avoid delays or stoppage of work. These delays can occur if protected archaeological sites or materials are discovered during non-permitted work. The permit is intended to support all types of archaeological assessments that may be required for demolition or reconstruction.
  • EMBC has announced funding for archaeological studies; program details are in progress. The Village of Lytton website should be consulted for updates.
  • As of April 1st, 2022, the Branch will be developing a S12.4 Alteration Permit to support unavoidable impacts to archaeological sites.