On June 30, 2021, a wildfire destroyed approximately 90% or over 100 properties within the Village of Lytton. As of August 23, the wildfire was listed as ‘under control’ and burned over 80,000 hectares. It is estimated that over 1,000 residents have been evacuated from the area, with the majority unable to return home in the near future. See news updates.

Project Update Presentation – Jan Community Meeting 2023

Project Reports


Property Access

Debris removal is continuing in the Village and access to properties is limited. If you need to return to complete the final collection of any personal effects, entry is now coordinated by the contractor Matcon. All visitors to the Lytton exclusion zone (everything behind the blue fence) can attend a short Health & Safety orientation at 8 am or 11 am only, to attain clearance, receive PPE and be escorted in. The Matcon trailer is located at Lytton Access site at the junction of Main St and Old Trans Canada Road. Register with or call Owen at 778-242-2483. Sign-in is required as is all safety gear needed to enter a construction site: hardhat, high-res vest and safety boots. Please bring your own safety boots. Please wear long pants, not shorts.

Short-Term Recovery Plan

The Village of Lytton has developed a Short-Term Recovery Plan to outline the immediate needs of the Village of Lytton and its residents.

2023-03-29 Soil Removal and Debris Cleanup Funding Update