About Lytton Rebuild Fund

On June 30th, 2021, the beautiful Village of Lytton was destroyed by a fire that swept through the town with such speed and fury, most residents didn’t have time to grab much, if anything. Nearly the entire village was destroyed. Residents were forced to flee in separate directions and are displaced across the southern part of the province with little or nothing of their own.

This page, created with the generous help of MNP, enables donors to assist with the rebuilding of Lytton.

About Lytton’s Sustainment Goals

The Village of Lytton hopes to rebuild with the following sustainment goals:

  • Geothermal Village grid for business and residential support
  • Extensive use of green energy
  • Fireproof/resistant building materials to protect against future devastation
  • Extensive use of drought tolerant plants and tree species
  • Photovoltaic road surfaces to reduce heat absorption and to power streetlights
  • Passive home building
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