Official Community Plan


Land Use / Zoning

Building Permits

Official Community Plan 

The Local Government Act requires all local governments that have adopted an official community plan or zoning bylaw to define, by bylaw, procedures that landowners must follow to amend a provision or apply for a permit under each of these bylaws. The Vilalge of Lytton has both of these.

The Official Community Plan provides a OCP provides a policy framework for Council by addressing issues such as housing, transportation, infrastructure, parks, economic development and the natural and social environment. It’s a plan that sets a strategic course for the next 20 years as to how the community should grow. 

What is future Land Use Designation?

The OCP Future Land Use Map provides a visual guide to how the Village will take shape in the future.

The importance of the OCP has been extensively discussed. A new OCP and/or new OCP policies will be developed through consultation with the community to ensure it reflects current values and a shared vision for rebuilding. However, at this time Council has temporarily suspended Development Permit requirements until Council and the community have an opportunity to re-establish Permit Area mapping, reconsider the current guidelines ongoing relevancy and to develop appropriate policy direction.