Public Safety and Solicitor General

The Province is commiting a further $18.4 million for the recovery of Lytton.

This funding will cover the substantial costs of debris removal, archeological work and soil remediation for municipal and all uninsured and underinsured properties in the village.

“By supporting debris removal, we are literally clearing the way for the rebuilding of Lytton to begin in a tangible way,” said Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General. “We are doing everything possible to speed up the progress and support the community through the very challenging and ongoing task of rebuilding Lytton. This recovery is a partnership, and the Province continues to have the backs of the people of Lytton.”

To help the village and residents of Lytton get to the rebuilding stage, the Province will pay for the removal of debris including ash, soot, metals, bricks, and other building materials from more than 200 properties. The debris removal will start with municipal properties on Tuesday, March 8, and expand to residential properties when that work is completed.

“Our government is continuing to take steps to support the village and residents of Lytton in rebuilding,” said Nathan Cullen, Minister of Municipal Affairs. “This $18 million in new funding will pave the way for people to return to their homes by funding critical debris removal, archeological, and site remediation work.”

Following the debris removal, the Province will co-ordinate and fund archeological work that would otherwise be covered by the residents. This is an area of cultural importance, and this work aims to identify and preserve any findings in the area, and further reconciliation and collaborative resource management between the Nlaka’pamux Nation and the Province.

This new funding will also address costs of remediation work to transform the ground into new livable space. Soil remediation will remove any contaminants from the ground and restore the landscape into a safe site where the village and residents can rebuild.

To keep work moving forward, the Province is funding temporary accommodations for as many as 30 staff, consultants and construction workers, who are doing this work. In addition, this funding will support project management, engineering design work and security.

This new funding complements the $9.3 million the Province has recently provided to support Lytton’s ongoing operations and recovery.

The village site will be ready for the next phase of rebuilding, such as permitting, this fall.

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