Film in Lytton

The community of Lytton is endowed with a spectacular natural landscape. It is a landscape that attracts people to the community, and significantly shapes its character. Lytton residents value the community as a peaceful, close-knit Village, deeply connected to the history of the area. While the community is supportive of the arts, including the film industry in British Columbia, it also values peace and tranquility. 

On June 30, 2021, the Village of Lytton was destroyed by a wildfire. While the community focuses on clean-up and rebuilding, it is recognized that the community provides a unique landscape for educational, documentary and fundraising purposes. It is important therefore that any filming in the Village does not interfere with the recovery efforts until they are complete. During the recovery/rebuild period, those seeking to film for commercial purposes will require the approval of Council. 

Apply for a permit

Applications must be submitted to the Filming Liaison no later than three (3) weeks prior to the proposed commencement of filming. 

If filming on private land, applications must be accompanied by written permission from the owner(s). 

Before a filming permit can be issued, a filming permit fee of $500 must be paid.