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canada gambling

There are thousands of opportunities online casinos are ready to offer players from Canada. No matter what region of Canada you live in, bonuses and promotions are available for every adult person.

  • 78.9% of Canadians play at online casinos
  • 65.7% of Lytton play online games(not only gambling)
  • 76% of teenagers have ever played games of chance
  • Casino revenues are $ 747 million
  • The net profit of the casinos is 1.44 billion

These figures clearly show that the field of online gambling is very important in Canada and Lytton. This is why the laws are extremely elaborate. In addition, it also protects the players.

A lot of gambling sites are arising every day, so the government has concerns on the law and the protection of online casino players in Canada.

Here are some arrangements made in Canada:

  • State is responsible for performing various quality tests on casino sites to confirm their reliability and safety. These labels are recognizable and directly displayed on the casinos in Canada. This quality label is called eCOGRA;
  • Loto-Quebec, responsible for casino laws, also took charge of player protection laws, asking users to set limits, create associations and prohibit promotional offers deemed too insistent on the part of some casinos.

These different protections allow Canadians to play casino games only on trusted platforms.

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