Community Resiliency

Community resiliency is a key focus of the Village of Lytton, as we rebuild.

Find updates on the Village’s activities, partnerships, and investments.

Find resources to help you make your home or business more fire-resilient.

Fire resilient community fact sheet

In September 2023, Council endorsed five recommendations for fire-resilient rebuilding in Lytton.

One of the recommendations was the creation of a Fire Resilient Community Fact Sheet with practical guidelines for landscaping and building. Read background information.

Download the fact sheet or pick up a copy at the Village Office or Parish Hall.

Read fire resilient rebuilding tips

Fire resilient rebuilding tip #1 – exterior finishing

Each week, we will share a practical landscaping or building tip from the Village's Fire Resilient Community Fact Sheet.  Tip 1: Exterior finishingUse fire-resistant materials, such as stucco, metal siding, brick/concrete, and fibre cement siding to finish the...

PacifiCan Lytton Homeowner Resilient Rebuild Program

PacifiCan is accepting applications for the Lytton Homeowner Resilient Rebuild Program. Through this $6 million federal program, PacifiCan is providing top-up grants to eligible Lytton homeowners who wish to rebuild a fire-resilient or fire-resilient and Net Zero Home as their primary residence. The program includes support towards home design, construction, and Net Zero certification.

For more information on eligibility criteria and potential grant amounts, visit the PacifiCan website.

Potential applicants are encouraged to reach out to the Lytton team at for a one-on-one consultation to discuss their rebuild plans and receive an application.

FireSmart resources

Founded in in 1993, FireSmart is a national program intended to increase neighbourhod resilience to wildfire and to minimize its negative impacts. The program provides training, guidance, and resources for homeowners, First Nations, local governments, and Fire Departments.

Find information and home tools at: