Business Licensing

How do I apply for a business Licensing

You will require a business license if you want to operate a business in the Village of Lytton. Licenses are issued on an annual basis, terminating on December 31st of each year. A separate License is required for each place in which a business may operate. License fees are in the amounts as set out in the Village’s Fees and Charges Bylaw.

Application Steps

1. Determine which category of Business License you are applying for (see below list)
2. Fully complete a Business License Application, available here to download or in person at the Village Office. The license must show the name of the business and type, the place of operation, the license period and the fee paid.
3. The Village designate will review the License application and may request more information
4. If approved you will be contacted to pick up the license.
You may call the Village of Lytton office at (250) 455-2355 to assist you in the process.


1. AMUSEMENT – includes such businesses as a Pool Hall, Video Arcade, Bowling Alley, Licenced Lounge, Theatre, etc.

2. CONTRACTORS – Equipment or Other including all building trades (roofers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc).

3. PROFESSIONAL SERVICES – includes such services as a Barber, Hairstylist, Tailor, Photographer, Bookkeeper, Shoe Repair, Fitness Centre, Insurance Broker, Real Estate or Travel Agent, Dry Cleaning and/or Laundry facilities, Bank, Restaurant etc.

4. PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE – Physician, Dentist, Lawyer, Land Surveyor, etc.

5. RENTAL SERVICES – Hotel, Motel, Apartment Units or Other such as Manufactured Home Pads where more than 2 are rented.

6. REPAIR SERVICES – Appliance, Equipment, Vehicle and the like when separate from Sales category.

7. SALES – May be combined with 1, 3, 6 above and pay one fee if operating from the same location: Door to Door or by Mail Order, Retail including Automobiles and the like (new or used), a Drugstore, Convenience Store, General Store, Hardware Store and the like including Second Hand/newly crafted goods.

8. MOBILE VENDORS – Flea market, garage sale and farmer’s market type of sales

Reference: Business License Bylaw 663, 2012 – Schedule F

How much does a business license cost?

For license fees, please refer to the Fees & Charges Bylaw