building permit


Building Permit Fees

Building permit fees apply to the following:

  • building
  • plumbing
  • manufactured homes
  • demolitions
  • chimney and woodstoves
  • other building-related fees

The following fees apply:

1. When you apply for your permit:

  • Building permit application fee
  • Refundable security deposit

2. When your building permit is issued:

  • Building permit fee
  • Refundable surcharge

 1. Application fees

At the time of application, you will be required to pay the following:

  • Application fee
    • $200
  • Refundable security deposit fee
    • $250 for simple Part 9 buildings
    • $500 for complex Part 3 buildings

The Village will refund your security deposit after an inspection if all public works and land are in good condition.

2. Building permit fees

When your building permit is issued, you will need to pay for the following:

  • building permit fee based on the overall value of construction
  • plumbing permit fees, which include sprinklers, interceptors, and backflow prevention devices
  • refundable permit fee surcharge based on the construction value

NOTE: At their meeting on November 22, 2023, Council approved a program to reduce building permit fees for rebuilding within the following parameters:

    • eligibility – owners rebuilding on property in the Village of Lytton that they owned on June 30, 2021
    • time frame – building permit applications received by June 30, 2024
    • reduction – a reduction of 50 per cent of the total fees calculated under Bylaw 710

Calculation of building permit fees

Building permit fees are calculated according to the total value of construction. Find details.

A 5% reduction of the building permit is granted when registered professionals are used for all or a portion of the permit up to a maximum of $500.


See an example building permit fee calculation for a home with a construction value of $500,000.

Refundable permit fee surcharge

The refundable permit fee surcharge is based on construction value as follows:

  • $50 where the construction value is less than $10,000
  • $200 where the construction value is from $10,000 to $50,000
  • $500 where the construction value is in excess of $50,000

The surcharge will be refunded if all work associated with your building permit is completed within two years of the building permit being issued.

Additional fees

Other building permit fees may apply for the following:

  • installation of a chimney
  • demolition or relocation
  • reinspection or special inspection
  • double permit fee, if the work is started before the building permit is issued
  • manufactured home or relocated building and its foundation
  • permit renewals
  • civic address sign
  • temporary buildings
  • permit application legal change
  • major modifications to the permit design and construction

Sample building permit fee calculation

Building Permit Fee Calculation