Building Department

As a property owner or builder, you can receive guidance from the Building Department for meeting BC Building Code, Village of Lytton bylaw requirements, and any other provincial regulations for your home or commercial building project.

It’s best to meet before designing your project or applying for your building permit.

If you have questions related to construction and regulations or basic zoning questions, we can answer them.

Apply for building permits and more

We can help you apply for the following:

  • Building Permits
  • Water, sewer, and driveways
  • Sign Permits
  • Business Licences

Before you start work, you or your designated agent must do the following:

  • apply for and receive all required permits or approvals
  • pay fees
  • provide deposits

Get ready to apply for a building permit.

Apply for a building permit online using Cloudpermit.

Building Department responsibilities

The following are some of the responsibilities and activities of the Building Department :

  • providing a detailed review of building permit applications and plan review of drawing submissions
  • issuing building permits
  • inspecting new construction and renovations on site
  • ensuring projects follow the zoning and land use bylaws
  • reviewing of business licences for compliance with building bylaw requirements for health and safety









Get in touch

If you are planning to build or do renovations, contact Lynn Berlin, Manager of Building and Permits to review your building plans and find out what steps to take.