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Apply for a Building Permit Online


The Village of Lytton uses Cloudpermit for building permit applications, payments, and inspections.

Using Cloudpermit

With Cloudpermit you can:

  • Apply for and see the status of your building permit application
  • Start an application and finish it late
  • Receive email updates on the status of your permit application
  • Pay online for permits through a secure payment portal
  • Request building inspections and receive confirmation by email
  • Review permit documents for future reference

Building permit application requirements for Cloudpermit

As the property owner, you will need to complete the following in Cloudpermit:

Note: that contact information is required for every person, who will need access to the building permit online.

You will also be required to submit additional documents, such as:

  • A survey
  • Set of blueprints
  • Engineers’ documents:
      • Schedule B: Letter of Assurance
      • Appendix E: Confirmation of Professional Liability Insurance
      • Certificate of Liability Insurance
  • Drawings – Sealed by the Professional Engineer

Building permit fees

Building permit fees apply to the following:

  • building
  • plumbing
  • manufactured homes
  • demolitions
  • chimney and woodstoves
  • other building-related fees

You will need to pay for the following fees:

1. When you apply for your permit:

  • Building permit application fee
  • Refundable security deposit

2. When your building permit is issued:

  • Building permit fee
  • Refundable surcharge


Need help with your building permit application? Contact building@lytton.ca.

Watch Cloudpermit instructional videos below

  • How to submit a building permit application
  • How to book an inspection
  • How to send a message