Farms & Agriculture

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Farms & Agriculture

Stein Mountain Farm

Stein Mountain Farm is located on the west side of the Fraser River, 12 miles north of Lytton.  Stein Mountain Farm has been growing organically since 1986 and is certified through Shuswap Thompson Organic Producers Association (STOPA).  The farm grows several acres of fruits and vegetables, including onions, garlic, squash, melons, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, beets, and 50 varieties of apples.  Stein Mountain Farm sells the majority of their produce in Vancouver at farmers markets.  They are also part of the local Lytton farmers market.  The farm is owned and operated by Ron and Erin Coghlan and family.  To contact the farm phone: 250-455-2392 ext.1, or

Planting Seeds Project

The Planting Seeds Project, founded in 1991, has toured the province, giving educational workshops, gifting diverse seed varieties of open-pollinated seeds.  Saved and replanted, these seeds become more acclimated, and grow better than at first.  In 2000, Mojave Kaplan moved the project to the west side of Lytton hosted at Stein Mountain Farm for ten years.  Mojave continues to grow and distribute certified organic open-pollinated seeds, along with training others in workshops and developing gardens and greenhouses in the area.  A re-introduction of the craft of seed saving often brings out the people who are still saving seeds.  As is true in Lytton, where many of the elders have carried on this tradition, where unbroken and speckled beans are among the specialties here.

RedBear Services

RedBear Services is a multi-faceted company which provides residential/ commercial lawn and property maintenance services to the community.  Since 2007, the company also acts as a local wild food agent.  RedBear harvest, clean and ship wild pine, porcinis, and morel mushrooms, nodding onions, Saskatoon berries, and huckleberries mainly to companies in the Lower Mainland.  For more information, contact Jason Robertson at

Sapo Bravo Organics

Sapo Bravo Organics is located 18 km northwest of Lytton.  The farm is tucked into the wilderness of the Fraser River Canyon.  The home and farm apply low energy use practices and sustainable farming techniques that minimize the dependence on machinery in the garden. In addition, Katie and Gabriel use the natural cooling of the earth by means of a root cellar to store fruits and vegetables and solar power to light the home. Sapo Bravo is certified organic through Shuswap Thompson Organic Producers Association (STOPA) and the Certified Organic Association of B.C.

Sointula Gardens

Sointula Gardens is nestled in the Botanie Valley on the outskirts of Lytton.  Instrumental in starting the Whistler Farmers Market years ago, the gardens have shifted focus since then to operate on a smaller scale using compost from their own farm animals.  The overall mission is sharing the passion for farming with everyone.  Sointula Greens Retreat Centre provides accommodation for all who wish to learn eco-friendly ways to create better health for their environment and themselves.

Botanie Rock Farms

Botanie Rock Farms is a small pesticide-free heritage farm located at the mouth of the Botanie Valley near Lytton, British Columbia. They specialize in rare heritage poultry including turkeys, chickens and ducks and also sell small quantities of heritage produce.

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